Hiking Advice

  In this section I'll be discussing hiking tips. These are mostly safety tips, and maybe a little about how to make hiking more enjoyable. 

  • In the mountains in the summer you need to wear sunscreen. This is one of my most important hiking tips.

    • Get high SPF sunscreen, I think at least 50 SPF​

    • Wear a hat

    • Wear something to cover your arms and calves or make sure to lather on the sunscreen

  • You can refill your water bottle anywhere that there isn't a sign with a crossed out faucet. Otherwise all water from public fountains and the like is potable 

  • Try to look up a panorama map or grab a trail map before heading for a hike

  • Check the weather before hiking. I recommend using the following;

    • Mounta Weather Forecast​

    • MeteoSwiss

    • MeteoBlue

  • Hiking up through the treeline is, in my opinion, not worth the time. Just get a cable car and hike between the tops of the mountains where the views are really good

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